Quick Tip: How to Resize the Eraser in AI

Resize Eraser Tool in Adobe Illustrator

When working online, aren’t keyboard shortcuts the best thing EVER? They help you to work faster and to use the least amount of effort to complete your  tasks. Recently, I worked in Adobe Illustrator (AI) and I couldn’t remember how to resize the Eraser tool. So frustrating. It could be my pregnancy brain, but brain lapses are bound to happen to us all. For those who have never used this shortcut, prepare to cut some time off your workflow. Quickly learn how to resize the Eraser in AI below…


Select the Eraser Tool


In the AI application, look for and select the Eraser tool button. The red arrow below is pointing to it.


Eraser Tool Screenshot


Also, the shortcut to select the Eraser tool is pressing Shift + E simultaneously. This is true for Macs and PCs.


Resize the Eraser Tool


To increase the eraser size, tap the closing bracket key, “]”, until it reaches your desired size.

To decrease the eraser size, tap the opening bracket key, “[“, until it’s small enough for you.


Extra extra:

If you want to tweak the Eraser’s angle, roundness or size, double click theEraser symbol. Once you do so, the following window will appear:


How to Resize the Eraser Tool in AI



Boom. That’s it!

Now you can resize the Eraser in AI!

That's It!


Can you think other quick AI shortcuts that save you loads of time? Help everyone else out and share in the comments below!

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    When using the Brush tool in Ai or PS you can use the same keys to increase or decrease the size of the brushes. Just another quick tool tip which will help you while working in Illustrator or Photoshop 🙂

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