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The Jist


  • Do you want custom prints for your products and not have a clue where to start? Have you tried to source custom fabrics only to be quoted ridiculously high prices and order minimums?
  • Have you wanted to learn surface design and not found the answers or tools you were looking for?
  • Are you questioning if pursuing your dream(s) will work out for you?


Welcome to Ashley Behnke Design! Look, if you answered yes to any of the above questions…we need to be friends. Like for real. Creating branded products on a budget isn’t easy. I can help you. Honing  surface design skills without a design background isn’t a cakewalk. It takes time to track down resources, tools or an answer to the one question that keeps tripping you up. I’ve got you covered. And let’s all be honest, dreaming dreams and actually pursuing them are two very different things. Fear is palatable and can stop us in our tracks. Past mistakes and hurts can make taking risks as frightening as an empty bank account when the bills are due. I’m right smack in the middle of my pursuit and I’m here to help get you where you want to go.



The Blog


Founded in 2015, Ashley Behnke Design is the website I was looking for and needing my last few seasons of life. As a luxury accessories designer, I wanted custom fabrics for my products and naively thought I could find (and afford) custom materials in the LA Fashion District. Um, I was wrong. Those order minimums and product development prices were stupid high! Ain’t nobody got time or money for that. Making unique prints attainable for the scrappy small business owner is what I’m here to do.


You may be like me and want to create your own surface designs. It’s possible and you can do it. I promise! If design school is not in the cards for you, you can take advantage of some of the tips and info I share here. I’m no longer a novice, but far from an expert. What you can expect is I will share what I know and point you to some real pros for more. And if you pose a question that stumps me, I’ll investigate and return with an answer so we can all learn together.



About Me


Based in Austin, I’m a mama with a full-time career in finance and growing side hustle in surface design. I’m one of those women who created a hashtag for their child and still think it’s a good idea (my little guy –> #TheodorableBoy). As a new mom, I am in one of the most hectic seasons of my life. As busy as this new season may be, now more than ever I must be purposeful in how I use time. Relational and professional fulfillment is a must…my heart is screaming for it. So this space that I share with you is where I will imperfectly run my race. The door is wide open for you to join me..