3 Simple Ways to Make a Beautiful Color Palette

Tools to Make a Beautiful Color Palette


Let’s face it. Designs can live and die by their colors. The right color palette can turn average items into stunning works of art. While the wrong choice of colors can make you cringe. Oh, you think I’m exaggerating about bad color combinations? Just let one of your girls put on a lipstick that is Not. For. Her. An image of someone just popped in your head didn’t it? Told you so.


After putting in the hard work of hand-lettering, surface design, graphic design, or another art form, choosing the right colors is another important step. If you aren’t an expert on color theory or are short on time, here are a few tools that can help you make a beautiful color palette in no time.


1. COPASO (Color Palette Software)

With COPASO, you can make palettes with up to 5 colors. There are basic, advanced and photo options. Advanced is the most user-friendly, IMO. Also, if you don’t feel up to snuff to create your own palette, peruse the user submitted color combinations on the website. You can even filter the palettes depending on your project type.


2. Adobe Color CC

Can we all just do a dance?! This thing is AMAZING. Not only is there a website to develop palettes on your computer, it has an APP you can download for free on your phone! Search for “Adobe Color CC” in Google Play or the Apple App Store. It’s user-friendly and works two ways. The app can collect colors from photos or through the Live function. I use the Live function frequently.

Say you spot some gorgeous blooms of flowers at the market or grocery store. BAM. Whip out that phone and grab some colors for later. See some examples below.

Make a Beautiful Color Palette with Adobe Color CC

 Bright Example                             Deep Example                                Dark Example


One picture, multiple palette options.


3. Mudcube Color Sphere:

Similar to COPASO, but Mudcube can generate a palette with six (6) colors.


BONUS: For those who use Adobe Illustrator and don’t know about the Recolor Artwork tool, your life is about to be forever changed. Here are an Adobe tutorial video and recoloring instructions.


How do you currently make a color palette? What normally inspires the colors you choose? Share your answers in the comments and if you have a question about the tools mentioned in this post, please don’t hesitate to ask below.



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    I am already placing my order for your future book “Surface Design for Dummies!” For someone who knows little about the field, your tips are applicable to me too! Enjoyed the practical types and the insight to your world!

    • 6


      Ha, you are so kind! My hope is the information I share here is understandable, insightful, and useful. It warms my heart that this post was helpful to you. There will be more to come… – Ashley

  4. 7

    Love these tips! I’m right in the middle of a mini re-design and making sure to have a distinct color palette! I love some of these programs… I’ll definitely be checking these out! Thanks for stopping by the Welcome Home Wednesday Linky Party… can’t wait to see you next week!

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      You’re welcome. Experiment you must! Color is user-friendly and easily integrates with the other Adobe CC products. I started using it and quickly became a fan :).

      – Ashley

  6. 11

    Well done Ashley, your post and web design is neat and clean. I have spent months researching about blogs and how to do the graphics etc and have not read bout Copaso and the Mudcube. Thanks for sharing.

    • 12

      Why thank you Amanda! I appreciate the compliments. Also, if you have not heard about it already, Canva is a phenomenal free resource to create SM graphics, marketing materials and more.

      – Ashley

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    Thanks so much for turning me on to Adobe Color CC! I usually do a very painful process of color selection in Photoshop, so this will definitely up my game! Totally loving your blog, and followed you on IG too 🙂

    • 16

      Francine, you’re welcome! I think I had a similar color selection process in Illustrator and it was THE pits. Color CC helps tremendously. Thank you for the sweet words and welcome, welcome, welcome. I’m glad you’re here! – Ashley

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